The Expected Trumping of Democracy by a Demagogue using Wealth and Celebrity

Trump would not be the president because he would not have wanted to run because he would have been restricted by the people; from spending any more than his opposition, by only having the same amount of time to campaign, by not being allowed campaign until that time period and the his opposition would have been anyone with the merit, the voice, the ideas and a community behind the candidate that helped the candidate earn their candidacy by signature gathering to be approved for full public campaign financing.

There would be a race for animal control officer, perhaps at the same time, that would have all the same rules. Town council, Mayor; all offices where democracy must be as pure as possible and as pure we can see it needs to be.

Trump would have been trumped by the people. By fairness. His campaign would be policed, he would be kicked out because his lies would have caused his downfall before a time period in which he could be ruled ineligible.

There is an answer, within one constitutional amendment called Public Campaign Financing, that can contain a plethora of creative ideas, that millions of Americans have considered. That all can agree is more fair and takes full control of our representation of the people by the people.

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